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Isolation Switch


Specification of Dropout Polymer Lightning Arrester
Type Rated Voltage KV MOCO KV D.C. Reference Voltage KV Residual Voltage KV 2ms Rectangular Current Impulse Withstand A 4/10μs High Current Impulse Withstand KA
Switching Current Impulse Lightning Current Impulse
YH5WS-10/30DL 6 8.0 15 30 25.6 150 65
YH5WS-17/50DL 10 13.6 25 50 42.5 150 65

Installation Instructions:

1. This product should be installed in the line or equipment whose rated voltage is consistent with the rated voltage of the arrester;

2. Please check the tightness between lighning arrester element and dropout before installation to ensure good contact and flexible disasembling.

3. Adjustment method: turn the copper contacts (with a pull-tab) to make its separating tension within 6-10kg; and keep the pull-tag side of copper contact outside, then slightly tighten the nut to fix the pull-tag.

4. Druing installation, the arrester and plump line should keep a 15-30 degrees of in included angle, and the opposition distance should be no less than 200mm.

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